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Our Mission

Mirage Fusionistas is dedicated to high quality original and beautiful choreography, and outstanding fusion belly dance performance art. It is our mission to be true to our art, true to ourselves and true to our amazing community of dancers, musicians, friends and fans. 

Fabulous Fusionistas - meet our team!



 Saniya began her love of dance as a young girl. She studied ballet for five years, two of those years on pointe. She also studied during that time jazz, tap, gymnastics and cheer-leading. She coached cheer-leading at a local middle school for two years before moving to Seattle Washington in 1993. It wasn't until the summer of 2016 that she became reacquainted with her love of dancing. She began her formal belly dancing studies in September of 2016 with Middle Eastern classes in Appleton, WI taught by Navah of Navah Mirage.

She began to perform as a soloist in early 2017 and by May that year she became a dancer with the Navah Mirage Troupe, later also joining Mirage Fusionistas in October 2018. Since then she has danced at several events including The Dance of the Elements performed at St. Norbert College in October 2017. Saniya is a dedicated dancer who is continuously learning and practicing. She loves learning all aspects of belly dancing from history to movements to the many props that are used to enhance this beautiful dance.

  • fusion soloist

  • swords, veil, zils

  • belly dance assistant teacher 

  • performer in Dance of the Elements original production

  • solo choreographer 

  • Also an amazing member of our Mirage Fusionista team and manager of our Instagram community!


Melian ~ Dear Gift
The name Melian was chosen to represent the gratitude she feels for the gift of dance. She feels as though she was blessed to be able to dance, and to be a part of a wonderful troupe to share this love. Melian found her passion after taking a class with Navah Mirage. She was captivated with the music, rhythm, and movements. "You fall in love with yourself as you learn and see yourself moving to the music." Melian has always had a love for dance, but has not had an opportunity to participate professionally until now. She is excited to continue to grow in this art and to share it with all of you. 


Zahra beautiful / flower

 Zahra was first inspired by Middle Eastern dance in 2017 when she had the opportunity to watch a dancer named Sadie perform a magical and empowering solo. Zahra knew immediately she needed to explore this artform for herself. The music was especially meaningful because of her years of her music study in jazz and music theory. As a lifelong painter and graphic designer, belly dance became a perfect fit in her lifestyle. Zahra's lifelong goal is to continue her education in the study of Middle Eastern culture, and its connection to performance art. Zahra is a talented dancer who performed in several community events. She currently takes classes with Navah, and intensives with superstars including Sadie Marquardt, Deb Rubin, and more. As a performer, Zahra plays active roles in Navah Mirage productions throughout the Midwest.  


Our sister troupe: Navah Mirage

Navah Mirage is a creative collaboration for Dancers, Teachers, Musicians, Performers, Artists, and Friends to join in an expressive way and share their passions especially in Oriental Dance. It is a group built to be a safe place to enjoy who we are and grow as individuals. Founded in 2007 by core members who wanted to grow in dance and have opportunity to perform, we have developed into a close-knit group of friends that work with other local talents and performers to educate the public and dance to our hearts' content. We invite you into the world of Middle Eastern Dance fused with personal expressions, to share, to grow, and to dance. For more information, visit

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